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Tuesday, 06 July 2021 14:46 366

Sukhum. July 5, 2021. Apsnypress. President Aslan Bzhania is holding a meeting on consequences elimination of the natural disaster that occurred on 4 July. The meeting is attended by Vice-President Badra Gunba, Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab, ministers and heads of town and district administrations. There will be made a preliminary assessment of the damage caused by hurricane winds and rainstorms during the meeting.

“The sudden disaster caused significant damage to our economy,” the head of state said opening the meeting. He asked the heads of districts to report on the situation.

Alkhas Bartsits, deputy head of Gagra district administration, said that the saddest incident in their area was the death of a tourist during a sea storm. He noted that yesterday and today, the district services bypassed the beaches, adjoining retail outlets, hotels and warn their owners and vacationers to stay away from the water, not to swim in the sea. Despite the warnings, there was a tragedy with a tourist. This morning a girl almost drowned as well, she was rescued by employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Bartsits told that two roofs were damaged in Gagra, a tree fell on one, and the other was blown away by the wind. Each area is about 145 square meters. It will take about 800 thousand rubles to repair one roof.

Also, three transformer substations burned down in the area.

The village Tsandrypsh suffered the least in the region.  Several houses were damaged by landslides in several villages. Also river floods damaged several sections of roads.

6 trees fell in Gagra, one car was damaged. Basements of apartment buildings are filled with water. Utilities pump out water with pumps.

Bartsits told that the administration will bear all the costs of eliminating the consequences in the region.

After listening to the report, Aslan Bzhania asked representative of "Abkhazstroy" the cost of a square meter roof repairing.

According to "Abkhazstroy" representative Ruslan Tvanba, it costs 3.5 thousand rubles.

Bzhania stressed that the cost of roofs repairing will be lower with such prices and instructed to carry out repair work.

Further, Bagrat Bodzhgua, head of Gudauta region reported on the situation. He said that 46 households were damaged in the area. Roofs have been torn off from three houses in Gudauta. The villages Lykhny and Achandara suffered the most in the area.

Electricity supply in the area has been partially restored at the moment, electricians are working on the damaged areas.

Head of Sukhum Beslan Eshba informed about the situation. 47 houses were damaged by disaster.

The roofs were partially torn off, on four buildings the roofs were completely demolished. According to estimates, it will be necessary to restore about 13 thousand square meters of roofs in total. Basements of 22 houses were flooded. In this connection it was necessary to turn off the power supply and pump out water to avoid an electrical short circuit.

All roads in the capital have been cleared, work to restore electricity supply is underway, roof repairs and restoration of trolleybus lines, which were damaged in 28 places, have begun.

Reconstruction work on the trolleybus line in Mayak microdistrict has been completed, the work on Kodor highway continues. The work to restore street lighting is underway. Electricity supply will be restored by 20:00.

“The situation is difficult, town's capabilities are not enough. The Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Defense help us, ” Eshba said.

"The roads are cleared, except Koman-Yashtukha highway. The villages Dzyguta, Verkhnyaya Eshera and Gumista remain without power supply," head of Sukhum region, Alkhas Chitanava said.

According to him, there are no villages in the region where the power supply has been restored by 100 percent.

19 households were damaged, including one multi-storey building and 18 private houses. Roofs are damaged in 90%.

Head of Gulrypsh District Administration Aslan Baratelia said that by 12 o'clock in the morning all the roads had been cleared. The hurricane knocked down 70 trees, damaged 13 private households and 4 multi-storey buildings. All these houses were covered to avoid additional rain damage.

More than one thousand square meters of the roof was damaged in the area, according to preliminary estimates .

Aslan Baratelia also noted that there are no serious problems with energy supply in the region at the moment, water supply problems are of greater concern. The Markhaul pumping station cannot work. There is no water since yesterday, but the water supply will be restored by the evening.

“Today we used fire engines to bring water to one of the hotels and private sector. The fire engine works all day long and provides water, but this is technical water taken from the river, ” Baratelia said.

There is power supply in Agudzera since yesterday, the electricity supply has been restored in Dranda and partly in Pshap today. However, there are still power outages in a number of villages.

General Director of RUE "Chernomorenergo" Mikhail Logua noted that there are problems at seven feeders, one of which feeds the pumping station in Agudzera, as well as the pumping station that supplies most of Sukhum with water.

“We asked to focus on this particular feeder, since many people are left without water supply. The repair team carried out the work, but the grounding remains. By 20:00 they will inform me about the situation, but we are unlikely to be able to eliminate all the damages in the area today, ” Logua said.

Head of Ochamchira district administration, Beslan Bigvava told about a commission to assess the scale of damage in the region. It is known about damage to 12 residential buildings in Atara, Guada, Otap, Kutol, one house in Ochamchira. Trees fell along the republican highway, all of them were promptly removed by the Emergencies Ministry. 12 villages are partially left without electricity. The biggest concern is the district hospital, which does not have its own diesel generator. “It is necessary to install a diesel engine in the hospital so the hospital does not remain without electricity,” Bigvava said.

Isidor Dochia, head of Tkuarchal district administration, said that houses in their area were not damaged by the disaster. Four trees fell, but they were quickly removed from the road. The power supply was restored within an hour and a half.

The Gal district, according to the head Konstantin Piliya, suffered the least from the disaster. Several trees fell, houses were not damaged. All power lines that were torn down were promptly restored yesterday.

Head of Pitsunda Administration, Ruslan Khuntzaria reported that 15 large trees fell in Pitsunda as a result of heavy wind. The town was blocked and paralyzed. The town was unblocked by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, police and town services within an hour. The trees fell on two tourists' cars. The relevant materials have been collected, registered, there are no complaints from them. The houses were not damaged.

The head of New Athos, Temur Otyrba reported that about 50 trees had blown down in the town, the traffic was blocked. The movement has been restored by joint efforts of the town services and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. There was recorded damage of a different nature in the power grid, but street lighting suffered the most. Electricity supply has been partially restored, the main work is still underway. Internet lines are also damaged. The wind partially blew off the roofs of nine private households, three hotel properties and one retail facility. The transformer substation was damaged. Two hotel facilities and two public catering facilities were flooded. The municipal services are carrying out work to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.