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Thursday, 01 July 2021 19:25 375

Sukhum. July 1, 2021. Apsnypress. There is taking place an enlarged meeting of the committee on budget, credit organizations, taxes and finance in the parliament. The main topic of discussion is the state of affairs in the energy industry. The meeting is attended by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Christina Ozgan and General Director of RUE "Chernomorenergo" Mikhail Logua.

Parliament Speaker Valeriy Kvarchia said that "our energy sector is turning into an insignificant, flawed economy."

“Meanwhile, the collapse of the energy system or its transfer to private hands, especially to foreigners, is tantamount to undermining the foundations of our state and its independence. We have clearly crossed the “red line”, an emergency situation has developed. Therefore, as President said, extraordinary actions and decisions are needed. "The current situation in the energy sector concerns all of us, our future, our children and our independence," Kvarchia said.

He urged his colleagues to thoroughly and calmly discuss the current situation and make "some emergency, important decision that will help to fix it."

Chairman of the parliamentary committee Natalie Smyr said that among the topics that are planned to be discussed are the issue of the implementation of the costs of the installation of electricity meters and the repair of the Achguara high-voltage line in the 2021 budget, as well as the problem of uncontrolled electricity consumption and other existing problems.

She described the situation in the industry as unsatisfactory.

“The incompetence of the relevant structures led to the fact that in the summer period we began to save consumption by introducing rolling blackouts. I want to note that this happens for the first time in history. We are in the midst of the season and the situation will only get worse. Representatives of Chernomorenergo have already told us about this through the media. Thank you for the truthful statement, but we expect and demand something else from you. It is necessary to fulfill the obligations imposed on you. Or we should raise the issue of professional inconsistency of individual members of the Cabinet of Ministers. I hope that during the meeting we will be able to find an answer to this question, ” MP Natalie Smyr said.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Christina Ozgan gave detailed information on the issues of concern to the deputies.

She noted that the volume of electricity consumption has indeed increased significantly, but the growth did not occur suddenly over the past year.

"There has been a stable dynamics of increase in electricity consumption since 2016," Ozgan said. She cited figures on the flow of electricity from the Russian Federation for reference.

Thus, the total volume of electricity flow from Russia to Abkhazia in 2016 amounted to 108 million kW / h, the debt for electricity was repaid at the expense of the Investment Program in the amount of 221 million rubles. In 2017, the volume of the flow was 195.8 million kW / h, the debt was repaid at the expense of the Investment Program in the amount of 550 million rubles. In 2018, there was no debt. In 2019, the flow amounted to 69.4 million kW / h, the debt was repaid by Investment Program. In February-March 2020, 69.4 million kW / h were received due to the overflow, the debt will be repaid by Investment Program. The flow for December 2020 and from January to April 2021 amounted to 1 billion kW / h.

The republican budget provides 100 million rubles for electricity meters installation.

“This is a very important issue. Deputies took an active position on it and provided a reserve for program implementation. Why are these funds not in demand at the moment? And what are we ready to offer you in this connection? The government provides a number of measures to stabilize situation in the energy sector. We have developed a program to establish control over the metering of consumed electricity. It provides implementation of relevant measures in all regions of the republic and will include the purchase of meters and the cost of installing them. It is clear that the cost of this program is significant enough for our financial capabilities. In this regard, there was reached an agreement with the Russian side to conclude this year a contract for metering devices installation with a deferred payment for it. We will work out the procedure and conditions of these events with you, so that both the price and quality correspond to our capabilities, ” said Christina Ozgan.

Due to the limited budgetary funds of Abkhazia, there were sent letters to the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation at the end of last year to raise funds for repair of the Achguara overhead line.

According to her, most of the materials needed to repair the line have already been delivered to Abkhazia. One of these days the last batch of equipment will arrive, then the Ministry of Economy and "Chernomorenergo" will hold consultations on the schedule of work, agree on all the technical parameters and begin the repair works.

“Russian colleagues are ready to provide us with appropriate technical support to ensure the work to be carried out efficiently and with minimal costs,” Ozgan said.

Funds from the Investment Program, previously provided for the construction of the prison, will be used to repair the Achguara overhead line.