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Monday, 26 July 2021 15:38 313

Sukhum. July 26, 2021. Apsnypress. The deputies of the Parliament adopted the agenda for today's session. Initially, there were announced two issues concerning urgent measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, as well as an appeal to President "in connection with crisis in energy sector, which is negative for society and the state."

There was proposed an alternative version of the draft resolution on urgent measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Deputy Lasha Ashuba voiced this proposal. He also proposed to accept the appeal of the Parliament to the Federation Council and the State Duma for assistance in vaccination.

There was a debate on an issue related to the state of affairs in the energy sector.

Deputy Batal Tabagua urged his colleagues to limit themselves to considering the situation related to the epidemic situation in the republic and taking urgent measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

“Some deputies said that considering the issue of covid is not interesting to them without considering others. I'm not going to investigate it now. I came to consider the issue of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. I support the covid issue, but not everything else. "

According to Harry Kokaya and Mikhail Sangulia, measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection are also related to stable supply of electricity to the medical institutions where computed tomography and X-ray machines are systematically out of order, and operation of ventilators is impossible without electricity and other.

Speaker of the Parliament Valery Kvarchia accused Tabagua with several other deputies of deliberately disrupting the session.

Valery Agrba proposed to postpone the holidays to March 2022 (new elections of deputies of the Parliament will be held in March 2022). There may be needed decisions of the Parliament and convocation of an extraordinary session, due to difficult situation in the country.

“The Parliament ends its powers in 2022. Many MPs present here are planning to conduct their election campaigns for the elections to the seventh convocation. This vacation can be used for a new convocation,” Agrba said.

Agrba's proposal did not receive enough votes to be included in the agenda.

Leonid Chamagua read out the theses of two draft resolutions on urgent measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. He drew attention to the fact that both projects are similar and suggested taking a break for half an hour to work out one common document.

The deputies voted for the agenda and took a half-hour break.