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Tuesday, 20 July 2021 23:41 375

Sukhum. July 20, 2021. Apsnypress. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky paid a working visit to Georgia on July 19, during which he visited the Abkhaz-Georgian state border. According to Ukrainian media, Zelensky "got acquainted with security situation on the border with the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia". Zelensky expressed concern that "Russia's military presence in Abkhazia is increasing, human rights are being violated." In addition, Zelensky stressed that Ukraine and Georgia are united in their intentions to return the temporarily occupied territories at the sites of leading international and regional organizations.

“One should hardly look for any logic or common sense in this initiative of the Zelensky team, unless we take into account the desire of the Ukrainian leader to demonstrate the far-fetched image of "a fighter against the invaders" to his voters. Or did Zelensky seriously decide to share his recipes for resolving and improving the security situation with the Georgian authorities? ” - the Commentary of the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry in connection with Zelensky’s visit to Georgia and to the Georgian-Abkhaz state border reports.

The Russian military presence in the Republic of Abkhazia, which worried Zelensky so much, is regulated by bilateral Abkhaz-Russian agreements, it does not contradict international law and does not in any way affect the territory of Georgia, the Abkhazian foreign ministry says.

According to the RA Foreign Ministry, it remains a mystery what President of Ukraine had in mind when speaking about human rights violations in Abkhazia.

“Zelensky’s openly provocative policy towards the Donbass republics, which was vividly manifested in the spring of this year, when Kiev made a deliberate attempt to provoke hostilities in the Southeast, clearly showed what approaches Zelensky’s team adheres to in resolving conflicts,” the Commentary notes.

It is quite obvious that attempts to use such tactics with Abkhazia are "unacceptable and will be severely suppressed."

The RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds the leaders of Ukraine and Georgia that the stake on confrontation has no chance of success, attempts to revise the agreements reached, as well as blocking the agreed decisions, have no prospects.

“It is impossible to launch the process of a full-scale settlement without rejection of revanchism and recognition of the existing political realities. All other political maneuvers, no matter what good intentions they may be based on, are nothing more than attempts to evade the solution of the problem,” the RA MFA states.