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Friday, 18 March 2022 11:07 204

President Aslan Bzhaniya visited the Aitar boarding house to talk with refugees from the DPR and LPR and see in what conditions they live. 

The head of state asked the refugees how they feel. 


They replied that they feel good, they like everything and thanked the President for the warm welcome.


 “We are very happy that we are together, although the circumstances that forced you to leave home are difficult. However, you can always count on our support. I would ask you not to be shy. We want the children to remember their stay here for a long time, and then they often come to us,” said Aslan Bzhaniya. 


“We like everything, everything is fine, we didn’t even think that there could be such a warm welcome from you. We are very glad that we are here, but, of course, my heart aches for my husband and my parents. We are very worried and hope to return home soon.” one of the refugees said. 


The President noted that everything is God's will, everything will be fine, there is no need to despair. He wished them good health and promised that in Abkhazia they would be surrounded by love and care. 


Bzhaniya also visited elementary school students who are studying with teachers in the boarding house. 


The head of state instructed to create all conditions for children who want to learn the Abkhaz language. 


“If you know a few sentences, a few words, we will be very pleased,” he said. 


Aslan Bzhania also entered the dining room. 


Chef Viktor Osipov told the president that milk porridges and cream soups are cooked for children. “We ask parents what children need,” he said. 


Aslan Bzhaniya suggested the older children to be slowly introduced to the Abkhaz cuisine if they want.


 “We have adopted children here as if they were our own. If necessary, we will still accept refugees, because when our people were in trouble, there were many people who stood by and helped us. This is Russia, including the republics of the North Caucasus, and other countries. If necessary, we will increase assistance, this has already been decided,” the head of state said. 


The President stressed that as long as these children are here, they will be provided with everything necessary. 


Deputy head of the capital administration Avtandil Surmanizde noted that they have been dealing with refugee issues from the first day. 


“As far as possible, we create all the conditions for them to feel comfortable here, and I think that we succeed. 16 children went to Sukhum secondary school No. 6 today, we take them and bring them back. But not all children can go to school yet. Junior schoolchildren study in a boarding house, a teacher comes and works with them,” Surmanidze said.