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Tuesday, 15 March 2022 07:01 220

Sukhum. February 18, 2022. Apsnypress. President Aslan Bzhaniya held an expanded meeting on topical issues of the economic development of the republic and the results of 2021, the press service of the head of state reports.

The meeting was also attended by Vice President Badra Gunba, Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab, the leadership of the Presidential Office, the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General's Office, the National Bank, the State Security Service, government members, heads of town and district administrations.

Opening the meeting, the head of state noted that he had long planned to hold such a meeting, but due to a number of reasons and the epidemiological situation, it had to be postponed.

Chairman of the Pension Fund Denis Gularia presented a report on the execution of the Fund's budget for 2021. According to him, in 2021 there was an excess of budget expenditures over income by 4 million 768.9 thousand rubles. The balance of the unpaid amount amounted to 47 million 582.7 thousand rubles.

The head of state inquired about the reasons for the late financing of pension payments and expressed dissatisfaction with the way the issue of pension provision for citizens is being resolved, and with the way the payment is organized.

The main reason for the late financing of payments, according to Gularia, is the shortfall in the funds planned in the Fund's budget in 2020 due to introduction of an emergency and restrictive measures due to COVID-19.

The Fund's need for the payment of pensions, benefits and additional payments in 2022 will amount to at least 101 million 500 thousand rubles per month.

The head of state pointed out the importance of timely payment of pensions and warned about the personal responsibility of officials for failure to fulfill instructions.

Further, the Chairman of the State Customs Committee Otar Khetsia reported on the work done. Indicators of accrual of customs payments in 2021 amounted to 2 billion 732 million rubles, which exceeds the figures for 2020 by 577 million rubles.

Chairman of the National Bank Beslan Baratelia informed about the implementation of the monetary policy of the Bank of Abkhazia in 2021, the results of the banking system of Abkhazia. He drew attention to the fact that the cross-border turnover of funds through the bank amounted to 97.6 billion rubles.

Baratelia noted that last year there was an increase in cash turnover. The cash desks of the banking system of the republic received 43.8 billion rubles. In 2021, 9.2 billion rubles were transferred from Abkhazia to the countries of near and far abroad.

Baratelia also informed about the events planned for 2022. We are talking about the introduction of contactless payment technology (NFC) in terminal infrastructure of the NPS RA, further work to improve the banking system, improve the rules of Fraud monitoring - a system for monitoring and countering fraudulent transactions using payment cards, etc.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Vladimir Delba reported on the implementation of the state budget for 2021. He noted that the implementation of the main indicators of state budget revenues amounted to 107.8%.

The total volume of tax and other obligatory payments in 2021 amounted to 3 billion 400 million rubles.

The execution of the revenue part of the consolidated state budget for the previous year amounted to 107.8%.

Minister of Taxes and Duties Dzhansukh Nanba presented a report on the activities of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties over the past year.

The meeting also discussed the implementation of the Investment Program, problems in the energy sector and agriculture.

President Aslan Bzhaniya ordered to speed up work on the implementation of the Investment Program for the Promotion of the Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Abkhazia.

The Head of State instructed Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy Kristina Ozgan to use the full range of opportunities and mechanisms to accelerate the implementation of the Investment Program for 2022.

“Do whatever it takes to get us ahead of the pace. Our positions in terms of increasing the amount of money that we will be able to request from the Russian Federation in the future directly depend on this. Use all your accumulated experience and connections. As for me, I will join in resolving the issue at a certain stage, but first I instruct you to speed up the work that depends on you,” President said.

Aslan Bzhaniya made a number of critical remarks and instructed to assist in correcting the situation caused by poor-quality asphalt laying on the central streets of Sukhum.

“If the contractor does not fix the current situation, then take appropriate measures. Behind every outstanding or poorly realized work there are specific names that we know about. The number one task is to bring the work to an ideal state in the shortest possible time. Demand contractors to tell what caused such an unacceptable quality of work. Take control” said Aslan Bzhaniya. 

Other issues were also discussed at the meeting.

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