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Sunday, 06 February 2022 22:05 341

Sukhum. January 28, 2022. Apsnypress. Rismag Adzhindzhal, assistant to President of Abkhazia on issues of interaction with veterans of the War of Abkhazia of 1992-1993 - volunteers from the North Caucasus told Apsnypress about the activities of the Abkhazian cultural center in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Rismag Adzhindzhal noted that the head of the center - a repatriate from Turkey, an Adyg by origin, a citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia Iskhak-Sadyk Duganovich Kaimaz (Kushkha) did a great job over the past year.

“Iskhak-Sadyk Duganovich Kaimaz (Kushkha) is a well-known artist-designer in Finland, he registered the Abkhaz Cultural Center public organization in Helsinki. Since at this stage Abkhazia is not able to provide financial support to the center, he is working on a business model that will be able to recoup the cost of maintaining the Center. They signed a contract for the lease of the premises for the art gallery to operate,” Adzhindzhal said.

Iskhak-Sadyk Duganovich will use all his possibilities in the cultural community of Helsinki to promote and bring to self-sufficiency the private art gallery he is creating and the Abkhaz cultural center, said Adzhindzhal.

The Center held the following events in 2021:

- several meetings with Adyghe and Abkhaz refugees from Syria who resettled in Finland;

- a department of Abkhaz and Adyghe books was created in the central library of the city of Helsinki;

- preliminary consultations were held with the Ministry of Education of Finland on creation of conditions for the study of the Abkhaz and Adyghe languages ​​by families of Adyghe and Abkhaz refugees from Syria;

- two exhibitions dedicated to Abkhazia were held in the central library of Helsinki and in the gallery;

- in agreement with the municipal authorities of Helsinki, two rallies-exhibitions were held in order to draw attention to the issue of recognition of Abkhazia by the international community;

- preliminary negotiations were held on further joint work with the main music university in Finland and one of the largest universities in Europe - the Sibelius Academy;

- an article about the activities of Ishak-Sadyk Duganovich Kaimaz (Kushkha) and the work of the Center created by him was published in the art magazine "Kumposti" of the Helsinki microdistrict Kumpula.

“In addition to the above, Iskhak-Sadyk Kaimaz (Kushkha) legally entered Europe on a car with an Abkhazian license plate. He left the Republic of Abkhazia in his own car, drove through the Russian Federation and entered the Republic of Finland. European exit seal was included in the passport of a citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia and it was used as an official document at the Finnish border for the first time,” said Adzhindzhal.

The presidential aide noted that there are many tasks ahead, many ideas and plans related to culture and art. “With the launch of the Abkhazian cultural center on self-sufficiency, we will be able to increase the functionality to more useful level for our republic,” he said.

*The Abkhaz Cultural Centre was established in April 2021 in Helsinki. Rismag Adzhindzhal, Advisor to President of the Republic of Abkhazia, public figure Paptsaa Astamur, writer Dmitry Gabelia, were directly involved in preparatory activities for the Center creation.