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Tuesday, 29 June 2021 17:25 362

Sukhum. June 28, 2021. Apsnypress. The leaders of opposition political parties and public organizations sent a letter to President Aslan Bzhania.

As the authors of letter note, they were forced to sent it by the "stubborn silence" of the head of state regarding all the questions raised by them.

Earlier, the opposition has already demanded resignation of the AGTRK Head "for total censorship, contrary to democratic principles of our state", the resignation of members of the Cabinet of Ministers, "who made a gross mistake with cryptocurrency mining legalization, as a result of which the state and citizens suffered colossal damage." The opposition also believes that President is ignoring his constitutional obligation to issue an annual address to Parliament on domestic and foreign policy issues.

“We consider this style of government unacceptable. Citizens have the right to know where the guarantor of their constitutional rights is leading the policy. We have great doubts you would be able to enlist the support of the majority if you voiced theses about multi-level negotiations with Georgia and sale of strategic objects of the country during the election campaign, ” the letter says.

The leaders of the opposition political parties "Forum of National Unity of Abkhazia", "Apsny" and public organizations "Aruaa", "Abkhazian People's Movement" invite President Aslan Bzhania to speak on the main issues of domestic and foreign policy together with the opposition leader Adgur Ardzinba live on AGTRK.

Among the issues of interest to the citizens are such as pandemic, energy, airport, railroad, border demarcation, demographic situation, fight against corruption and crime, fight against poverty, etc.