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Monday, 28 June 2021 05:18 261

Sukhum. June 21, 2021. Apsnypress. The state commission to develop and implement the "Georgia's state strategy for de-occupation and peaceful resolution of conflicts" was established on June 21 of this year, by the decision of the Prime Minister of Georgia.

"A working group will be created within the framework of the commission, which will develop an inclusive and comprehensive strategy by the end of the year with the participation of a wide range of society," the press service of the Georgian government said. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has been assigned to lead the commission.

The Georgian authorities are obviously trying to show their citizens and the international community a firm determination to "deal" with the problem of "occupied territories" by making the decision to create a "commission on de-occupation". Tbilisi shows that this topic is at the center of the authorities' attention and all necessary efforts will be made to solve it" - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia commented on the decision of Georgia to create a “commission for de-occupation”.

The RA Foreign Ministry called the new initiatives of the Georgian authorities useless, ineffective, the one that does not correspond to the spirit of the time and does not serve the interests of Abkhazia.

"It would be naive to expect from a commission with such a name any new ideas adequate to modern political realities, which would be acceptable to Abkhazia. The failed experience of the "Step to a Better Future" program as well as the earlier Georgian projects, should have led Tbilisi to realize the complete ineffectiveness of such initiatives similar to humanitarian projects for residents of autonomous regions"- the RA MFA stated.

The RA MFA considers that such an initiative can have a short-term propaganda effect inside Georgia.

The Georgian side should make more efforts within the Geneva format, which is currently "stalled" due to Georgia's unconstructive position instead of putting forward pointless initiatives.

Achieving progress in Geneva would be a demonstration of Georgia's real rather than imaginary intentions to move forward on the path of building the equal inter-State relations between Abkhazia and Georgia"- says the RA MFA's commentary.



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