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Wednesday, 16 June 2021 16:29 270

Sukhum June 4, 2021. Apsnypress. President Aslan Bzhania held a meeting with heads of towns and regions administrations of Abkhazia.

The meeting was attended by head of the Presidential Office Alkhas Kvitsinia and Minister of Taxes and Duties Dzhansukh Nanba.

The head of state invited the meeting participants to provide information on how things are in the regions and towns of the republic, as well as to sum up some interim results. “We have been working together for almost a year with the exception of recently appointed head of the Ochamchira District Administration. We will sum up some results, discuss current issues,” President said.

Chief of Staff of the Presidential Office Alkhas Kvitsinia outlined the issues that were to be discussed during the meeting.

“We want to hear from you what land funds the districts have, how much land is leased, what is grown on regional farmlands, how things with payment of taxes are going, what measures are taken in case of violation of contractual obligations,” Kvitsinia said.

Minister of Taxes and Duties Dzhansukh Nanba informed the meeting participants about the results of the department's work for 5 months.

“If we talk about the overall final figures, with the plan of 865 million rubles, 1 billion 26 million rubles were collected in 5 months. The targets were exceeded by 18.6%. If we talk about the districts as a whole, then we can single out positive dynamics with a cumulative result, primarily in Gagra, Gudauta, Sukhum and Gulrypsh districts. Only Ochamchira region lags behind. All the rest are progressing with positive dynamics, ” Nanba said.

As for tax collection indicators for May, "the situation here is a little worse: with the plan of 208 million rubles, 188 million rubles were transferred to the budget in May."

Negative results were shown by Sukhum - 83% of execution, Sukhum district - 84% and Ochamchira district - 67.5%. All other districts have met or exceeded the planned targets.

Dzhansukh Nanba also informed about the arrears as of June 1, 2021. The total amount of tax arrears amounted to 905 million rubles, which is 60 million rubles less than the debt that was as of May 1, 2021.

"Out of the total debt of 905 million rubles, the current debt is 99 million rubles in the country as a whole, problem debt is 674 million rubles, and debts of taxpayers who have not undergone re-registration are 132 million rubles," Minister informed.

He added that the tax authorities are cooperating with the Bailiff Service. For the entire period of its work, 230 materials were sent to them for a total amount of arrears of 157 million rubles.

“The result for today is as follows: about 14.5 million rubles were collected. About 100 materials are at the final stage, they will also be sent to the Bailiff Service, Minister said.

According to Nanba, 4285 legal entities are registered in Abkhazia, of which 1263 are active. This is about 30%, the rest do not conduct economic activities or pass zero balances. A total of 11,868 individual entrepreneurs are registered, of which 7,724 individual entrepreneurs operate.

The heads of town and district administrations presented reports on their activities.

Head of Ochamchira region administration Beslan Bigvava explained the reason for the lag in tax collection. “It is connected with the fact that this year there was practically no fishing season. We have dropped by 54 million rubles, ” he said.

The meeting participants noted that there are many privatized objects in towns and regions that have not been working for years. There are also many leased land plots that are not used for their intended purpose.

After listening to heads of local administrations, Aslan Bzhania noted that they should keep statistics on farms, know how much land in their districts, what these lands are oriented towards, how many hectares are cultivated, what they are growing.

“Land is our main wealth and economic instrument. We need to make this tool work. Nowadays, a large amount of land is not used. It is empty. It is necessary to raise the depressed areas. We must turn the deplorable state of Eastern Abkhazia into a success story, ” President said addressing the heads of administrations.

Bzhania instructed representatives of administrations to develop a draft lease agreement for land plots within a week.

“Develop a model agreement, which will provide the responsibility of the parties in the event of failure to fulfill their obligations. The contract must be terminated unilaterally. The land resource is the most important resource that we have at our disposal. You need to learn how to use this resource competently, it should not stand idle, be in the hands of those who do not know how to use it. This is state property, Heads of Administrations, appointed by me are responsible for this.I have seen a dozen contracts in which no liability is provided. The State Property Committee has such agreements, and we cannot take any measures, we cannot terminate them, ” President said. He warned that no one will have the right to sign other agreements, after development of model agreements by Presidential Office.

Referring to the problem of illegal mining of cryptocurrencies, which has become one of the reasons for a significant increase in the load on the power grid, President said: “Work is underway to resolve this issue. There is an opportunity for this business, subject to the supply of electricity from Russia for these needs. At this stage, Russia is ready to provide electricity at its own tariffs. Their operators will distribute their electricity. Most likely, we will come to this, but it takes time. By the end of this year, we hope to have solved the mining problem. In the meantime, this illegal activity must be stopped. "

Aslan Bzhania instructed head of the presidential office to gather heads of town and district administrations every two weeks for a working meeting.